Gruppenaufnahme der AG Schubert 2021

The Schubert Group

Gruppenaufnahme der AG Schubert 2021
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Polymers and materials for healthcare, sustainability and energy

Our laboratory covers a range of research fields among organic synthesis, macromolecular chemistry, supra-molecular chemistry, combinatorial research, material research, advanced characterization and nanoscience.

The mission of the laboratory is to combine bottom-up and top-down approaches to functional materials from the nanoscopic to the mesoscopic length scale, combined with addressable (smart) features such as self-healing systems and responsive properties. Applications both in the field of photonics/optics as well as life science are currently targeted.

The Schubert Group is based at the Faculty for Chemistry and Earth Sciences of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and participates in the Jena Center for Soft Matter (JCSM) de, the Center for Energy and Environmental Chemistry Jena (CEEC Jena) de and the Collaborative Research Center 1278 PolyTarget de.

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Gruppenaufnahme der AG Schubert 2021
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Congratulations to Adrian Saal on a successful doctorate defence!
Congratulations to Adrian Saal on his passed doctorate!
In March, a film team from ZDF visited us for their research as part of an environmental documentary
"We want to help Germany regain some of its former status as the world's pharmacy."
Oxymethylene Ether (OME) Fuel Catalyst Screening Using In Situ NMR Spectroscopy
Congratulations to Josefine Meurer on her passed doctorate!


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