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Current Job Openings

Junior research group leader

The main focus of the research of the junior research group should be on the topic of sustainable polymer research or automated chemical research with a focus on polymers, whereby one of the following three thematic priorities should also be addressed. You can also find representative examples for each subtopic.  


Modern Polymer Synthesis, Processing and Application
  • Biodegradability of polymer films and coastings
  • Dual-curing technologies (e.g., interpenetrating networks)
  • Energy efficient curing technologies
  • Encapsulation with polymers (of pigment or additives)
  • Supramolecular structures (e.g., for application as rheology additives)
Sustainable Polymer Materials
  • Non-isocyanate polyurethanes (NIPU)
  • Biobased / sustainable raw materials for coatings and / or thermoplastic elastomers
  • Sustainable additives (e.g., renewable, low VOC, low toxic, water-based, biodegradable)
  • Recyclable polymers (e.g., thermosets)
New Materials for Energy Applications
  • Energy storage
  • Energy conversion & distribution (e.g., photovoltaics)
  • High temperature resistant polymers
  • Barrier materials (combined protection against water, oxygen, electric fields)
  • Sensor materials (temperature, moisture, pressure sensitive materials)

Unsolicited applications

First of all you need to be sure of the subject and the topic you apply for. The Schubert group regularly posts job openings on the website. Other than checking the posts, we advise you to go through our website to check our research topics, the methods and instruments we use, as well as the cooperation we participate in and the papers published in the recent years.

Note that you do not have to meet a certain deadline for your application (unless stated otherwise). However you do need to send in your curriculum vitae together with a motivation letter to inform us about your background, motives, what your input will be to the group and what you want to pursue in your career. Please also include reference letters from your supervisor(s).

After we receive your application, your qualifications and skills will be evaluated by different members of the working group. You may be invited to visit our group to give a short presentation about your previous studies and to discuss about any job possibilities, as well as to be presented a clear picture of the opportunities we provide our members with, as per technology and science, and to be introduced to the group members.

For applicants from outside EU who need to have a valid visa to enter Germany, we also prepare an invitation letter to be used at the consulate to expedite the visa procedure.

Schubert group grants scholarships or positions on industrial projects to all PhD students. For this purpose, we are keeping close contact and taking part in cooperation with institutes and companies, which seek successful research studies in Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry and Nanoscience.

For further information please contact:

Laboratory of Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry