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Congratulations... our graduates!
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Published: 1 December 2021, 13:50

We congratulate the following graduates on the successful defense of their master and bachelor theses in the past year:

Ann-Jacqueline Herbst (Master)
Topic: Synthesis and Functionalization of Mesoporous silica particles for Drug Delivery Applications 

Johanna Schreiber (Bachelor)
Topic: Synthese amphiphiler Blockcopolymere basierend auf Dextran und Polymethacrylaten

Silas Langstein (Bachelor)
Topic: Polymersensoren zur Anionen Detektion

Carolin Bernt (Bachelor)
Topic: Selbstheilende Polymere auf Basis von Halogenbindungen

Milena Jäger (Bachelor)
Topic: Synthese von Metallopolymernetzwerken mit dreifachen Formgedächtniseigenschaften

Alexander Litschko (Bachelor)
Topic: Optimierung von PTMA-Elektroden zum Einsatz in polymerbasierten Batterien

Charlotte Mankel (Master)
Topic: Functionalized oligomeric and polymeric building blocks with tailored photo-redox-chemical properties

Dulce Sanchez Cerrillo (Master)
Topic: Drug delivery containers with jettisonables targeting ligand

Anne Skotnicki (Bachelor)
Topic: Synthesis of pH-responsive supramolecular polymer brushes

Agnes Morrissey (Master)
Topic: Urethanes as reversible moieties in covalent adaptable networks

Michael Ringleb (Master)
Topic: Development of high-throughput techniques for big data generation

Jakob Meyer (Bachelor)
Topic: Synthese und Charakterisierung von hydrophilen Aktivmaterialien für wässrige Targeting-basierte Redox-Flow-Batterien

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