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Congratulations... our graduates!
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Published: 17 November 2020, 16:00

We congratulate the following graduates on the successful defense of their master and bachelor theses from January to November 2020:

Jan Paul Meurer (Bachelor)
Topic: Optimierung einer Methode zur SOC-Bestimmung von Redox-Flow-Batterien

Yves Eike Constantin Deja (Master)
Topic: Herstellung von plasmonischen PNIPAM-Hybridpartikeln

Aurelien Sokeng Djoumessi (Master)
Topic: Development of suitable electrode systems for optimization of solar cells devices

Mats Weinhardt (Bachelor)
Topic: Tridentate Liganden für maßgeschneiderte photo-redoxaktive Ruthenium-Komplexe

Franziska Gladitz (Bachelor)
Topic: Untersuchung des Einflusses der Rissgeometrie auf die Selbstheilung von Polymeren

Leanne Stafast (Master)
Topic: Vitamin A-funktionalisierte Poly(2-oxazolin)e

Lea Klepsch (Bachelor)
Topic: Verkapselung von anti-inflammatorischen Wirkstoffen in polymere Nanopartikel mit Hilfe der Mikrofluidik

Hannah Zeihe (Bachelor)
Topic: Electronical-deficient ureas as a new tool for self-healing polymers

Timo Schütt (Master)
Topic: Automated purification in robotic systems

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