Kenza Elbouazzaoui

Welcome Kenza Elbouazzaoui...

as the new ESR 5 at Uppsala University!
Kenza Elbouazzaoui
Image: Kenza Elbouazzaoui

Published: 16 October 2020, 12:56

Kenza comes from Morocco and obtained her Bachelor and Master’s degree in Materials Science at the Cadi Ayyad University in Morocco. As an undergraduate student, she has been always eager and passionate to explore the energy storage research field, that’s why she graduated with a Master thesis in the development of novel NASICON-type phosphates as anode materials for Li-ion batteries, which served her to understand the current energy storage state of the art and plan her future research based on exploring the next-generation batteries. This was the main reason behind choosing the POLYSTORAGE network as it fits very well with her research plan.

In August 2020, she joined Uppsala University in the city of Uppsala, Sweden where she will carry out her PhD project aiming to develop solid-state composite Polymer-Ceramic electrolytes, study in depth the ionic transport mechanism occurring in these hybrid systems, and tailoring of their interfacial properties for implementation in all-solid-state batteries. "I am extremely excited and very delighted to have Prof. Kristina Edström as my supervisor and be part of her fantastic Ångström Advanced Battery Center’s team. Being part of the POLYSTORAGE network as a Marie Sklodowska-Curie ESR is a unique opportunity for me to contribute to the development of advanced sustainable energy storage materials for the batteries of future, and trace my career path as a researcher in this field.", she says.

Besides her passion to science and research discovery, Kenza likes swimming, enjoys watching Harry Potter movies, likes learning foreign languages, cooking as well as serving the society by being part of associations and NGOs to develop social projects on the basis of the SDGs chart.

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