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New publication in the scientific journal "Polymer"...

...about the characterization of special plastics
A woman in front of a book shelf
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper/FSU

Creation date: 21 October 2019, 10:26 CEST

The article entitled "Structure-property relationships via complementary hydrodynamic approaches: Poly(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate)s" presents a self-sufficient investigation of homologous series of so called DMAEMA's and their quaternized analogues in a wide range of molar masses by the methods of molecular hydrodynamics. Sedimentation velocity and translation diffusion coefficients on the one side and intrinsic viscosities with partial specific volume values on the other side, validated by applying the hydrodynamic invariant concept, resulted in statistically most robust and non-contradictory molecular and conformational characteristics of the investigated macromolecules in solution. The presence of even a small portion of rather large and heavy iodine ions on the quaternized polymer chains notably increases its equilibrium rigidity. Characteristics like water solubility, pH and temperature responsiveness, biocompatibility, and their charge make DMAEMA a very promising substrate for various applications including gene and drug delivery systems.

You'll find the complete article here.

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