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Published: 30 August 2019, 14:41

We congratulate the following graduates on the successful defense of their master and bachelor theses from May to August 2019:

Lada Kitaeva (Master)
Topic: Modularer Aufbau von photoaktiven Ruthenium-Komplexen zur Elektropolymerisation

Alexander Kleine (Master)
Topic: Design and synthesis of n-type conjugated, telechelic polymers as building blocks in photoactive, macromolecular architectures

Moritz Beckenkamp (Master)
Topic: Entwicklung und Optimierung umweltfreundlicher organischer Solarzellen

Hichem Nasri (Master)
Topic: Mikrowellen-Beschichtung von Sonden für Nahfeldoptik und Spektroskopie

Juliette Essomba (Master)
Topic: Superfacial charge transport layers for organic solar cells

Thomas Bätz (Master)
Topic: Functionalization of polymers with ligand moieties: A way to selective complexation of metal ions

Patrick Endres (Master)
Topic: Towards photocatalytic water splitting: Covalent and non-covalent combinations of polyoxometalates and metal complexes

Ilse Friedländer (Bachelor)
Topic: Selbstheilende Metallopolymere – Einfluss der Polymerstruktur

Oswald Müschke (Bachelor)
Topic: Metallopolymere – Einfluss des Metallkomplexes auf die Eigenschaften des Polymers

Agnes Clara Morrissey (Bachelor)
Topic: Self-Healing polyurethanes using sterically demanding groups

Michael Klein (Bachelor)
Topic: Thermisch reversible Bindungen: Diels-Alder- und Alder-en Reaktionen

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