New publication in the scientific journal "Energy Storage Materials”

In a recently published article, scientists from the research group of Prof. Dr. Ulrich S. Schubert presented a new gel polymer electrolyte which could pave the way for the entry of organic batteries into the mass market.
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Organic materials have the potential to replace the metals currently used in conventional accumulators and thus improve the sustainability of electrochemical energy storage systems. While up to now the research focus was mainly on alternative active materials, a new publication entitled "Printable ionic liquid-based gel polymer electrolytes for solid state all-organic batteries" is devoted to another important component of electrochemical energy storage systems, the electrolyte. The new gel polymer electrolyte based on an ionic liquid has been especially developed for use in fully organic batteries and can be produced in a simple process tailored to the needs of industrial mass production processes. It can, for example, be applied directly to the electrodes by screen printing and cured in a short time by exposure to UV light. It also replaces the expensive separators, thus simplifying cell setup and reducing production costs. In addition, the battery does not contain any volatile components, which increases safety.

The full article can be found here.

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